Organization Profile - Canadian Space Agency

Canadian Space Agency


Recognized globally for its contribution to space research and development, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is at the forefront of the development of space activities and applications that benefit Canadians and humanity. Established in 1989, the CSA is an agency of the Government of Canada and derives its authority from the Canadian Space Agency Act. The CSA coordinates space policies and programs of the Government of Canada, administers programs and projects relating to scientific and industrial space research and development and the application of space technology, promotes the transfer and diffusion of space technology to and throughout Canadian industry, and encourages commercial exploitation of space capabilities, technology, facilities and systems.

Head Office

Ottawa, Ontario

Appointment Provisions

Canadian Space Agency Act

In the event of the absence or incapacity of the President or a vacancy in that office, the Minister may appoint another person to act as President, but that person may only act as President for a period exceeding ninety days with the approval of the GIC.


Laporte, Sylvain
Gatineau, Quebec
Full-Time Appointment
During Pleasure